1. What is the purpose of Longdo Dict?
    1. Online tools for building collaborative and open bilingual-Thai dictionaries
    2. Search service for existing available dictionary contents
  2. What can be searched here?
  3. From your first purpose, how can the Longdo contents be collaboratively created?
      Through this Longdo website via the contributor/approver mechanism. In short, if you see that Longdo is still missing a certain content, you can contribute it through the Contributor Page. The approver regulary browses the contributed entries, then approve (or reject) them. It's as easy as that.
  4. Why should I contribute to Longdo?
    • Because the next person will not have to search for the meaning of a word again, instead learning from your contributed data.
    • The collaborative dictionary output (which includes your contributed data) will be available under Open Source license. So it should be fair for all contributors.
  5. Thank you our sponsors
    • NII for server and network bandwidth (from the beginning in 2003 to October 2005).
  6. Any more documents or publications about Longdo?
  7. How can I contact Longdo team?
    • Via E-mail to webmaster at longdo.com. Welcome for all comments.
  8. Longdo Crew
  9. TODO List
    • XML or JSON web service output
    • Automatically find the normal from for search input in case of search not found
    • Something like "rate mal" in WaDoKu
    • Example of how to contribute
    • WWWboard forums for discussion about new words
    • When long word is not found, try search sub-word
    • Separation of each language section
    • Give point (ranking) to the results depending on the relevancy
    • ROGET Thesaurus (https://www.ai.mit.edu/people/wessler/thes)
    • Make it possible to set the language of contents/web and the dictionaries to use in PopThai
    • Entries priority, for specifying which entries should be shown first for the same headwords
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